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International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center


ACNO is anti­neoplastic drug developed from Chinese medicine. It has been used for 30 years in china and 20 years in Israel. Thousands of cancer patients were treated with ACNO. The efficacy of ACNO is 69.7% and ACNO combined with electrochemotherapy group is 84.3%. the clinic results should that ACNO can improve immune system, inhibit cancer cells ,improve blood circulation to suppress the growth and metastasis tumor ,increase the sensitivity to other therapies , diminish toxic and adverse effect of other therapies and drugs , improve sleep, increase appetite, alleviate pain and stress, improve liver and kidney function, and prevent leukemia cause by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It also elevates the body’s anti­tumor capacity to reduce the relapse, metastasis and improve the patients' quality of life. To further prove the medicine, a series of experiments were made in Tel­Aviv University and The Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel­Hashomer Hospital, affiliated to the Tel­Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, Ministry of Health, The State of Israel .

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