International Reasearch Center

International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a 3000 years history of use in China with the accumulation of a vast clinical experience. In particular herbs and other plants have been used successfully as anticancer treatment. The amount of research on Chinese anticancer drugs using modern methods of analysis done in Western countries up to now has been very small.

In Israel one of the first such programs was set up at Tel-Aviv University in the field of cancer research and at the Pulmonary Institute of Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer in the treatment of asthma. In both places the results supported the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine and emphasize the importance of continuing and expanding these research efforts. Dr Li is a member of the British Association for Cancer Research ( BACR) and the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR).

The basic approach of Chinese Medicine to the treatment of cancer patients is to make an accurate diagnosis and identify any possible causes of the cancer. Then the treatment is aimed at whole patient, and not just aimed at the local lesions alone. Previous research has shown that Chinese Medicine can inhibit cancer cells, change the cancer cells to normal and increase the effectiveness of the patient's immune system. In addition, Chinese Medicine increases the patient's good response to other therapies, diminishes the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy, increase the body's capability of fighting the cancer thus reducing the chance for recurrence and spread of the cancer and generally improves the patient's quality of life.