Patient Cases

International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center

40. Breast cancer spread to liver ,bones and eyes

AS , female come from north of Israel , fund left breast cancer 1.6cm .HER2 positive in 2014.  She did operation to take out tumor with two lymph nodes. After surgery ,she underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy ,then take hormone treatment . Unfortunately , the tumor metastasis to liver ,bones and eyes , which eyes sight is low . She began chemotherapy and biology treatment  Herceptin and Navelbin ,  But the tumor still grew ,spread all live ,the liver function got worse .   10/1 /2017 Bilirubin 6,6 mg/dl , Alkaline phosphatase 451 U/L ,SGOT 62 U/L , SGPT 54U/L ,GGT 128 U/L, Patient was told only few weeks , patient urgently came to research center for saving life . After check CT , blood count , Dr Li immediately give patient ACNO1and ACNO3 ,After take medicine one week , patient liver function improved 17/1/2017 ,Bilirubin 6,6 mg/dl , Alkaline phosphatase 237 U/L ,SGOT 37 U/L , SGPT 23U/L ,GGT 77 U/L ,patient symptom improved also , 14/6/2017 the eye metastasis disappeared ,liver metastasis finishes 50%, tumor stable in the bone . The tumor markets 15/12/2016 CA 125 60.6U/ML CA153 726.2U/ML  CEA  134.3NG/ML reduce to CA125 17.1u/ml .CEA 1.7ng/ml . in 18 /July /2017 . She fell much better and go back to work.

41  Pancreases cancer  metastasis to lung

TA   nice lady  59 years old ,from North of Israel . In 2011,the patient suddenly skin yellow , itch ,fever  , hospitalized . CT and pathology diagnosis pancreases head cancer and also was told only half years life left . The operation have done immediately , after chemotherapy and radiotherapy . which side effect make her dizziness ,nausea ,vomiting ,blood count lower , so that she could not continue the treatment , In the early 2012 ,she come to the research center for side effect . She began to take ACNO1 and ACNO3 until June 2017 ,during the five years , only once lung metastasis ,the rest results were normal . Her life and work are regularly  , her colleague nobody know her sick , she continue the treatment with medicine and acupuncture ,  also she help many patients in the research center .    

42. Right  maxillofacial region huge B-cells lymphoma

YM 34 years old girl , near Tel Aviv  Israel  . 31 January 2016 , finding  right face have smaller mass , then diagnosis B-cell lymphoma by pathology . However ,the tumor grew very fast until 10 cm  in a few months after take pathology operation , which  damage seriously the face skin , looking so bad . The situation make the beautiful girl so depression . So that she refused all conventional treatment . She run to Dr Li research center 19/9 2016 . After check the patient , DR Li decide take Chinese Medicine combine with chemotherapy , but the patient refuse again. No other choice , patient only take Chinese medicine  ACNO1and ACNO3 . after taking the medicine 5 months , the tumor shrunk 50% , after 8 months ,the tumor disappear completely . The hospital doctor was astonish about the result ,so that they  will give the grant to Dr Li to support the research.

43. 14 cm Mediastium carcinoma metastasis to liver

TI  25  years old  male student  from  BATIYAM of Israel , just finish army service .

In the early 2016 , prepare the exam for university , then suddenly serious pain in the chest . CT  find huge tumor 14 cm in the mediastinum  , immediately  started  6  course chemotherapy, Caboplantin and  Taxol , plus radiotherapy , after the treatment , mediastinum tumor smaller , unfortunately , the tumor metastasis to liver and spinal , the doctor increase chemotherapy doses , but the tumor still grew , the hospital send the pathology slice  to America to look for help and no satisfied . The boy so depression because his friend ,some of them go to work , some of them go to Universty . He felt very tired ,loss weight and hair , no appetite , more than that  he stops talking  with every one and loss courage to live . All family worry about him , his mother  drag his to come to Dr Li research center . in the beginning he refused taking all medicine , but when Dr Li check him and explain him his situation has a lot hope , then  he started  cooperation . He begin take ACNO1 and ACNO3 at the same day with the same chemotherapy , after a few weeks ,patients fell better and talk with people ,symptoms significant improve . So each time ,come to the clinic , he ask Dr LI the reason tumor happened ,developed , and treatment . Also talk about his life ,study and marriage . In June 2016 , PET CT showed  mediastinum tumor reduce  from 19mm  to 13 mm , liver tumor from 12 mm to 7mm . spinal  from 5mm to 3mm .  21 July 2017 PET CT  showed all tumor completely finish ed . The boy go to normal life and work .  Patient , family  ,doctors are very happy with the results . He told Dr Li the he will go to Dr Li ‘ China hospital to give thanks and also introduction Chinese medicine to world wide to save many lives .  

44. Bladder cancer recover completely

SS , 38 years old with succeed business gentleman  ,from the north of Israel , diagnosis bladder cancer in October 2002 , He did operation in 2002 . Unfortunately , tumor came back in  August 2006 , did operation again ,  in November 2016  , tumor came back again ,did operation , three time operation made him so depression , also his doctor told him never can finish . 23, November 2006 came to Dr Research Center to begin take ACNO1 and immune medicine , after half year ,the bladder tumor stop ,8 months smaller , 1 years he completely recover from bladder cancer . He continue his international business ,including China . Until 19th July 2017 , his tumor did not recurrence .

45. Gastric tumor metastasis to lymphnodes

EK  a high quality knowledge gentleman ,diagnosis stomach cancer with metastasis to lymph nodes  in October 2010 . After diagnosis 1. 5 months later , he did operation to take partly stomach , however the big operation made him very weakness , difficulty to digestion  , take chemotherapy Carboplatin , make him life very difficulty  , He come to the research center

For reduce  the side effect of chemotherapy and preventive . after a few weeks he felt better and eat more food , the blood count went to normal . He finish the chemotherapy much easily ,so still go to work , 23 July 2017 seven years past , no any recurrence and completely recovered , he said he owe the success to Chinese medicine because most patients only chemotherapy ,the tumor come back.

46 COVID-19 preventive and treatment by Chinese herbal medicine news in the international Chinese medicine cancer research centre

 Our international Chinese medicine cancer Research centre have many thousands middle and later stage cancer patients from 42 countries, more than half patients did not do vaccine because the cancer condition, of course if they catch the covid -19 are more danger because their immune system are so low, but we keep zero infection of Covid-19 with variants until now after three weeks take Chinese medicine ACNO or PCCJ. We took some patients’ blood test in the doctor’s laboratory of UK for T cells and NK cells, the results showed CE4, CD8 AND CD4/CD8 ration in normal range and NK cells in normal or higher level. the results equal to our in-animal research of Tel Aviv university, ACNO can increase NK cells activity, which is not only for cancer, but also for virus and bacteria that we need to do further research.

Some typical cases in our research centre

   1.  Clear cells sarcoma in the chest around covid-19 patients

patient NS suffering from clear cells sarcoma without vaccine, from Serbia, he suffers from clear cells sarcoma lateral wall of left hemithorax, which was surgically removed in FEB 2014, Patient noticed one month after first surgery that soft tissue mass started growing, In March 2018 significant growth of mass, CT scan showed intramuscular mass dimensions 34*44mm located in left hemithorax. in April 2018 second operation, July 2018 CT found lung, abdomen, liver, bone metastasis, then he began chemotherapy, Due to bad diagnosis and hard time with chemotherapy, he Emails to Dr Li for helping, In the July 2018, he began to treat with ACNO, last two years he only took Chinese medicine, he keeps sports and normal work, CT showed the tumor stable. During the covid-19 pandemic, he did not take vaccine because the disease, unfortunately, his house spread covid -19, his father, mother, brother and sister-in-low were catch covid-19 but he avoids completely, he wrote letter special report his case and this succeeded to thank to Chinese herbal medicine.

   2.   Breast Cancer, triple negative near covid-19 patient

NG , suffering from breast cancer with triple negative in April 2019 , Duo to the tumor grew fast , she did the surgery and follow by the chemotherapy , So she did not take vaccine . However, Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive cancer, meaning it grows and spreads quickly. It’s more likely than other breast cancers to return, and it has more limited treatment options, So that she was so worry about it and came to the Chinese Medicine Cancer research canter to take anticancer herbal medicine in 16 Feb 2020 during covid-19 pandemic ,Unfortunately her husband was catch covid-19 ,3 months ago she is complete avoid , she was very happy to tell us her antibody good enough to against covid -19 , she already get the green passport from Israel government because her immune good enough .making her more happy is all breast check is normal and has normal life in the last two years .

Also, we have treated many covid-19 and post covid-19 symptoms patients in the past two years. for example:

3. covid-19 patient

  CC outside patients, usually healthy lady, from UK, 10 days ago she  came    to   the research with bad cough from subway travel, Dr Li said the cough like covi-19, then gave her Chinese medicine PCCJ immediately, she had check in the research centre by NHS COVID-19 self-test, which showed positive, she also had short breath, very tiredness, she was so scared. But after 3 days take the medicine, her cough completely gone, tiredness and short breath much improved, then after 7 days test again and was a negative result for covid-19 virus. She said: Chinese Herbs save my life without turn to serious case and no left any post covid-19 symptoms. now I go back to work as normal. She said hope we can get support from our Prime Minister to do the anti-covid -19 and variations research by special Chinese medicine to help to stop the covid-19 and variations pandemic crisis to save people lives.

Conclusion, Chinese medicine is prevented and treat covid-19 with variations is one effective way, patients zero in affection, outpatients who catch covid-19 recover in a week without turn to serious case and post covid-19 syndrome in the past two years during covid-19 pandemic crisis. So, we need to further research to publish the article.