Patient Cases

International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center

21. Ovarian carcinoma

Name: OP, Age: 40, female, Israel.

In December 2002, OP was diagnosed with ovarian carcinoma.She had an operation in which her ovary and uterus were removed, but CA-125 tumor marker test results continued to show a value of 139 U / ml. She underwent chemotherapy and consequently felt tired, suffered vomiting and was very disappointed. In March 2003, she discontinued chemotherapy and came to the Dr. Li's clinic to receive Anti-Cancer Number 1 medicine and receive acupuncture treatments. Six months later her health had improved, CA-125 test results were decreased to 6.0 U / ml, and she returned to lead a normal life. Today she continues the treatments to prevent recurrence. She is in perfect health for four years.

22. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Name: NF, Age: 32, Male, Israel.

Suffered from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.In April 1999 he was first diagnosed with the disease. He received chemotherapy for 6 months and the disease disappeared. It had affected, however, his fertility and the ability to have children. In March 2000 the disease recurred and he began chemotherapy again. Following the treatment he was extremely tired, his white blood cell count dropped to 2.8 and he suffered from vomiting and loss of appetite. On April 5, 2000, he came to Dr. Li, began taking Anti-Cancer No. 1 medicine and received acupuncture treatments. Two weeks later he felt much improved and he his blood count increased. After several months the disease has passed. Today, five years have passed in which the disease did not reoccur, and he has one son. He completed his doctoral studies and continues with post-doctoral studies.

23. Lung Cancer

Name: LZ, Age: 65, female, Israel.

Suffers from bilateral lung cancer. She was told that her condition is untreatable and that she has left a short time to live. On September 26, 2012 she arrived to the Dr. Li's clinic, depressed and very weak, suffering from sweating at night and pain in the lower back and legs. She began taking Anti-Cancer Number 1 medicine and receiving acupuncture treatments, without any conventional treatment. Today, almost four years later, her CT scan results indicate that the tumor condition is stable, and had even shrank slightly. She feels well and she is leading normal life. She loves Dr. Li very much and brings her a flower from her garden every week.

24. Metastatic lung cancer

Name: RRSON, Age: 49, Male, Israel.

Arrived to the clinic after being diagnosed with cancer in his right lung cancer with metastases in chest bone, pleural cavity and diaphragm. After undergoing an operation, cancer cells still remained in his body, and he suffered chest pains, depression, cough and weakness. He began taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments, along with chemotherapy. Today, CT testing indicates that his body is clear of cancer. He feels well and went back to work and to lead a normal life.

25. Pancreatic cancer with liver metastases

Name: TY, Age: 56, female, Israel.

Since 1993, TY suffered from pancreatic cancer with liver metastases. She was operated three times but the cancer returned. She did not respond to chemotherapy treatment. She began taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments, and she underwent surgery, after which the cancer has not returned. She now leads a normal and good life for 11 years already. Her CT test results indicate that her body is clear of cancer and her CEA level is maintained at 1.0 ng / ml.

26. Liposarcoma

Name: ES, Age: 49, female, Israel .

Since November 2003, ES suffered from abdominal liposarcoma.She was operated three times, but each time the liposarcoma returned three months later. She traveled to Germany where she underwent Hypernia treatments and chemotherapy, but her body did not respond to any of the conventional treatments. Her only option was surgery, but even then the tumor returned. In August 2004 she started taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments. CT scan found that her body was clear of cancer after the operation, meaning that the medicine prevented tumor recurrence. Today she leads a normal life.

27. Liver Cancer

Name: YP, Age: 60, male, Netanya, Israel.

Since July 2004 YP suffered from liver cancer with unknown primary site. It was a very aggressive tumor and within six months it attacked the entire liver. The dimensions of the liver increased by 9 cm and CEA test resulted in a value of 600 ng / ml. He was in pain and suffered from lack of appetite and extreme weakness. After he began taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments along with moderate chemotherapy, the dimensions of the tumor in the liver shrank by 5 cm, tumor markers test results fell to 300 ng / ml, and the patient feels well.

28. Colon cancer with liver and lungs metastasis

Name: DD, Age: 58, female, Jerusalem, Israel.

DD suffered from colon cancer with liver and lungs metastasis. Since August 2003 she takes ACNO medication along with six months of chemotherapy. Today, CT scan indicates that she is clear of cancer and CEA results are normal. She returned to work and to lead a normal life.

29. Metastatic breast cancer

Name: HEF, Age: 48, female, Givat Zeev, Israel.

HEF had breast cancer since 1995. She underwent surgery and received chemotherapy and radiotherapy .In 2002 the tumor spread to the right lung and brain. Results of tumor marker test were 237. Despite chemotherapy treatments she had received for many years, the tumor remained in place. On February 2 2004, she started taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments. After one year of treatment, the tumor disappeared and tumor markers test results returned to normal values. She returned to work and she leads normal life. Today she continues treatment to prevent tumor recurrence.

30. Breast cancer

Name: SH, Age: 50, female, Jerusalem, Israel.

On December 12, 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer grade 2 in her left breast. She began taking ACNO medication and receiving acupuncture treatments before she underwent surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Today she feels well and does not suffer from vomiting and hair loss. Her blood count also returned to normal values during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Her body is completely clear from the tumor and she leads a normal life.

31. Liposarcoma right groin with lungs metastasis

Name: JM, Age: 63, female, Northern Israel.

She was diagnosed with a liposarcoma tumor weighing 9 kg in the right groin. In May 2007 she underwent surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, but in February 2008 the tumor spread to the lungs, were 9 tumors were found. Although the tumor shrank after six rounds of chemotherapy, it reoccurred shortly after the completion of the treatment. In the second time, her body no longer responded to chemotherapy, and she contacted Dr. Li. She took for about a year the medicinal plants formulas ACNO1 and ACNO3, and subsequently the lung tumor disappeared completely and she is clear of cancer for over 5 years. She says that Dr. Li's medication kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells. It also increases the presence of the 'natural killer' cells, which are the first line of cells that kill cancer cells and prevent its recurrence.

32. Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Name: RBB, Age: 32, male, northern Israel.

In February 2013 she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, where the tumor had spread almost fully to both lungs. He first came to Dr. Li's research center in depressed mode after being told that chemotherapy will not work properly. Without hesitation, he began to take the medicinal plants formulas ACNO1 and ACNO3, along with biological treatment. CT scans performed after 8 months indicated that 90% of the tumor had disappeared. He was happy and returned to his doctoral studies.

33. Colon cancer with liver and lungs metastases

Name:WS, Age: 59, male, Haifa, Israel.
Since 2009, WS had suffered from colon cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the tumor reoccurred after less than a year and spread to the liver and lungs. He decided to have surgery but refused chemotherapy because he felt very bad during the treatment. He arrived to the cancer research center and began taking the anti- cancer medicinal plants medications ACNO1 and ACNO3. After one year he fully recovered, with CEA tumor marker test results back to normal values. Today he is clear of cancer for more than 5 years and he is living a normal life. In one of his visits in the hospital his doctor told him that he was the only person in the hospital that was in such a bad condition and survived.

34. Kidney cancer with lungs metastases

Name: WB, Age: 39, female, married + 2, Northern Israel.

WB suffered from kidney cancer with metastases in the lungs, where three tumors were discovered. The cancer in her right kidney was discovered two years ago. She underwent surgery to remove one kidney and consequently her creatinine values climbed to 1.01 mg / dl. In January 2014 tumor metastases were discovered in the lungs. She underwent chemotherapy, but her body did not respond well and her family had lost hope for improvement. In March 2014 she finally reached Dr. Li's research center. She began taking the anti- cancer medicinal plants medications ACNO1 and ACNO3 and after several months the shrinkage of tumor became noticeable. CT scan performed on January 5 found that the tumor had completely disappeared. She was very happy and today she continues to take the medicine as preventive treatment.

35. Breast cancer with bone metastases

Name: FT, Age: 49, Female, Tel Aviv, Israel.

In October 10, 2013, FT was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast cancer with bone metastases. She underwent hormone therapy and one radiotherapy treatment, but the tumor remains unchanged and she continued to experience pain. She heard from a friend about Dr. Li's research center and came to the clinic in the center on January 22, 2014. She took the anti-cancer medications ACNO1 and ACNO3 for one year, and CT scan performed in December 2014 found that the tumor in the breast and in the bones had completely disappeared. She was very happy with the positive results and for not requiring further surgeries and chemotherapy. Today is leading a normal life and continues to take the medicine as preventive treatment.

36. Colon cancer metastasis to liver and prostate cancer

Name : RY , 70 years old , male , from Haifa area of Israel ,suffer from conlon cancer with metastasis to liver ,prostate cancer ,as well as nose melanoma in 2009 . He came to the research center clinic in March 2015 after operation because he worry about the tumor in the liver and colon cancer come back and chemotherapy side effect , so he start treatment ACNO1 and ACNO3 in the cancer research center , until 29/april 2014 , the liver tumor completely finish ,but still have prostate tumor , so he add radiotherapy , in the Nov 2014 the CT showed all body free from cancer , which make the patients so happy , life come back patient again . He continue the medicine to prevent .


37. Left breast cancer 8.5 cm without operation and chemotherapy

Name : RR female , 76 years old ,from north of Israel , she suffered right breast cancer in 2002 .That time she did operation and radiotherapy , after she took hormone treatment for six years . Unfortunately , in 23 April 2014 she find left breast cancer ,the size 8.5 cm ,she refuse all conventional treatment because she did all conventional protocol and the tumor came back . She came the research center clinic in 23 April 2014 with full hope . She began ACNO1 and immune medicine immediately , the situation stable ,but shrinking was not enough , the Dr Li recommend hormone treatment again because the tumor big size , however after hormone treatment , the tumor became bigger than before , then Dr Li put ACNO3 ,since then the tumor gradually smaller , until 6/01/17 MRI ,the tumor completely disappeared . Patient is so happy without words express herself .

38. Myxoid liposarcoma soft tissue left kneel area

2012 left kneel swollen ,diagnosis liposarcoma , he went to many doctor and 25 times radiotherapy ,however the tumor still grew ,27 March , he plan to operation to cut leg for preventing the tumor metastasis to lungs .

The decision is a disaster for him and three children family .Through the patient introduction he came to doctor Li just operation. Then Dr Li no any hesitate gave him Chinese medicine ACNO1 and ACNO3 , until 15 01 2017 the tumor gradually stable and smaller , patient go back to normal life ,which do not need the horrible operation.    

39. Ovarian cancer  multiple  metastasis peritoneum and lungs

GA  female come from Israel  , suffered from ovarian cancer in 2007. After operation , ,underwent regular chemotherapy, CT and blood count got normal. 2011 she found the tumor multiple metastasis to peritoneum and lungs .  Since then she began a long period chemotherapy , after chemotherapy CARBOPLATIN ,and TAXOTERE ,she was very weak ,so as to lay on the bed with vomiting ,diarrhea ,loss hair , no another choice , the doctor reduced the doses of chemotherapy , but the tumor metastasis to lungs and pelvic ,CA125 increase to 490u/ml. CT showed new metastasis 2,5mm in the lung , 2mm in the diaphragm , lymph node 0,70x0.3cm ,uterus 0.2x4.5cm . 2012 CT showed the tumor bigger , then change chemotherapy , 2013 the tumor continue grew and change another  chemotherapy , She change another chemotherapy because her  tumor still increase . She consequently  take chemotherapy for 5 years until 16th June 2016 . Unfortunately  ,she  has used all chemotherapy medicine ,but the tumor got worse and worse . She shocked and fall down when she was told no medicine can use anymore .    

After recovering a little , she run to Dr Li research center to look for treatment with bad mood . After  saw the CT  scan , Dr Li told the patient , the situation is not good but we can control it . The patents start to take ACNO1 and ACNO3 medicine with full hope , after 5 months take the medicine , the tumor stop grew , after 8 months the tumor showed smaller, after one year the CT showed completely clean . 2.5 year  past the tumor did not return . Patent told every one Dr Li take her  life back from grave .